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 "Not only a great learning resource but some really beautiful images. I like the "one on one" feel in the way the different techniques are presented and the interactivity of the app really enhances the experience."  iTunes 5 star review  


Eastway100Photique publications and tutorials will quickly have you taking better photographs!

All you need is the right information and inspiration. That's how Nick, Tony and I got started, with great advice from working professionals and inspiration from dozens of the world's best photographers.

Real World Experience

Our background as experienced and award-winning photographers gives you a great advantage. When you read our articles, view our movies or engage with our tutorials, you'll know that we speak from many years of professional photography out in the real world, and that what we teach actually works!

Photique is a photographers' resource.

We have both free and paid content. Please start with the free content and then if you like our photographs and our presentation style, we hope you'll support our site by purchasing some of our publications, either from our website or download the Photique app onto your iPad.

Get Involved

We also hope you'll get involved with our site or via our Facebook and Google+ pages, posting comments and giving us your opinion. After all, half the fun of photography is showing your work and talking about it!

Welcome to Photique!

Peter Eastway, Nick Rains and Tony Redhead



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